Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CAPTURING MEMORIES- Write a letter to your child

I  am posting some ideas under "memory keeping" that will hopefully give you easy ideas on how you can hold on to some of those memories you create with your children.  I know scrapbooks are a great way to do this too, but I don't know any mom out there who is up to date on scrapbooks or feels like she ever will be.  Lets let go of the guilt and find something easier!

How about writing a letter to your child every year on his birthday?  Or just do it on some years when you remember.  Write about basics like hobbies, interests, and friends for that year.  Write about what makes you proud of them and milestones they mastered.  You can include favorite foods, books, and music.  Try to capture the essence of who your child is in a letter and try to keep it one to two pages.  It should be quick to do and easy to duplicate if you have more than one child.  You’ll want to save these and present them to your child when they are old enough to appreciate them.  Hmm, what age is that?

I hope this idea will help you and your children hold on to those warm fuzzy memories.

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  1. Love this idea, too! I think I found my new year resolution - start tracking our family memories. I keep asking my Mom to do it for my sister and I, I need to start doing it for my children.

    Thank you for such a wonderful idea!