Thursday, December 31, 2009

CAPTURING MEMORIES: A Yearly Review For Your Family

It is the last day of the year and I'm sure your family has packed a lot of living in the past year. Here's a way  to remember it; write a yearly review of your family's activities.  This is so easy to do but the finished product creates a snapshot of your life that is hard to capture.  

Think of the big events that shaped your family’s life this year and the month it happened.  Start with January and add events each month if you can.    Easy things to start with are each family member’s birthdays and holidays.  Add school and extra curricular activities and include details like team names, what grade each child was in, who their teacher was, and tell about any special awards they received.  Don’t forget to include job changes, injuries, births and deaths of extended family, pets, vacations, and anniversaries.  See the examples below and keep your descriptions brief, remember you are going for a snapshot effect not journal entries.  Keep these all together in a notebook and after a few years you will have a scrapbook like no other.

  • June: Daddy turned 42 and we celebrated by cooking one of his favorite meals and making him a cake.
  • August:  We have two in school this year!  Kohen started kindergarten in Mrs. Stancil's class and Max began 3rd grade in Mrs. Smith's class.
  • November- We hosted Thanksgiving again and enjoyed having 13 at our table for all that yummy food!

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