Friday, December 4, 2009


I can not stand to cook bacon on the stove top, and I know I am not alone on this one!  Everything  is a nasty mess to clean up and I have to refrain from saying bad things when I get popped with hot grease.  I also feel like I have to set up a barricade to keep the kids out of the kitchen for their safety and to not eat all the bacon before it hits the table.

Well hello to a new way of doing things!  Line two baking pans (with a lip) with foil and lay out your bacon so the slices don't touch each other.  I find it takes two pans to do one pound but you can use one and just do 2 batches- but that is not much of a time saver.  Follow the cooking directions on the back of your package for baking in oven- not broiling.  If no oven method is listed try it at 400 for 12-15 minutes.  Remove from the pan when it reaches desired doneness and lay on paper towels as usual so the grease can be absorbed.    The mess is confined to 2 baking pans.  Let the grease cool a bit and dispose of the foil and you should have clean pans underneath!  No one gets hurt, you have time to spare instead of standing over a pan, and it is yummy like usual- try it next time!

Another way to avoid the greasy mess is to eat turkey bacon!  I know bacon fans everywhere are cringing at the thought of that!

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  1. I have trouble getting the bacon off the foil. Do you? We like our bacon crispy so I find that I am leaving the bacon in for 15 minutes. And when I go to remove the bacon it is stuck in spots. Any suggestions?