Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I think it's important for kids to give gifts at Christmas too.  For several years I've been taking my kids to the Dollar Tree and letting them shop for everyone on their list.  I try my best to not guide them on what gifts to pick because I love seeing what they choose.  Often times it provides a great laugh when the gift is opened.

I pick up those little plastic gift bags and some tissue paper while I am there and let them wrap them all.    For under $20, we have created quite a bit of Christmas Joy!  While I admit some of it is pure junk, some get practical things they can use.  When they know the kids picked it out especially for them, they don't really care what it is.  One year my brother in law got air freshener because his truck didn't smell good according to my oldest.  Gotta love honesty from kids!

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