Friday, December 11, 2009


I asked four of my friends who have taught elementary school about teacher gifts and they all agree they don't need or want any more teacher or apple themed gifts.  Even if teachers like this, they don't have a lot of room  to display knick knacks or time to dust them.  Mugs are another gift you might be wasting your money on.

Here are some things my "expert" panel of four thought were good gifts:
  • Gift Cards- Think about restaurants, spa services, office supply stores, gas cards, and of course Target and Wal-mart.
  • Flowers or Plants- For a personal touch have the student decorate a container for the plant.
  • Spa items- lotions, potions, and candles
  • Classroom supplies- post -its, pens, pencils, books for the classroom, treasure box items, items on their wish list (ask them they might have one)
  • Food- homemade goodies on a pretty plate, homemade bread, store bought drink mixes, and snacks

Even if you are giving a store bought gift, try to let the kids make something like the card or the wrapping.

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