Tuesday, December 8, 2009


If you have not tried cleaning with microfiber cloths, run to the store and buy some before you clean anything else.  You can clean almost anything with these cloths and they clean better with only water than any other kind of cleaning rag or brush and all those fancy, expensive, harmful cleaners.    Use them slightly damp for most cleaning or use one wet to clean and to dry one to buff things like windows.  You'll have the cleanest windows!!  Streak free cleaning!

Also if you have one those Swiffer or Pledge floor cleaners you can forgot ever buying those overpriced cleaning pads ever again.  Just attach a microfiber cloth just like you would the sheets and you can use dry like a dust mop or damp.  I read they work well on stainless steel, but not my microfiber cloths with my fridge.  Please let me know if yo have figured that one out.

I have found them at Dollar Tree, Dollar General and of course places like Target and Wal-mart and automotive stores.  For those of you who have used them and love them, please let me know if there is a big difference between the cheap ones and the more pricey ones- because yes I am cheap!

The only thing you need to know is don't use them with fabric softener.

Happy Cleaning!

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