Monday, January 18, 2010


If you are going to repot a plant, put a clean coffee filter on the bottom of the new pot to keep the soil from leaking out.

To repair small holes in window screens, cover them with a few layers of clear nail polish.

An easy way to raise the nap of carpet after a piece of furniture has matted it down is to let an ice cube melt into the matted area; wait until the next day to vacuum.

The blade of your can opener is most likely the dirtiest inch in your kitchen, but easy to clean.  Just "open" a piece of waxed paper, which will clean away grime while the wax lubricates the blades and wheels.

The easiest way to clean the gunk and dust between your computer keys is with transparent tape.  Just slide a 2 inch strip between the rows of your keyboard and the adhesive will pick up any debris.  

----These tips are from "Who Knew II" by Jeanne and Bruce Lubin---

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