Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Some of these ideas I use and others I plan to try.  Hope you find a few you can use too!

Reuse Ideas for Newspaper Bags/Sleeves
  • Treat bags for kids parties, trim the top if too long. 
  • Gift wrap- line the bag with tissue paper and finish off with a bow
  • Wet umbrellas
  • Dirty shoe bag for car- if your kids play sports you will understand this one
  • Dirty diaper bags
  • Doggy poop bags
  • Return to carrier plus the rubber bands- check with them first
  • Double bagging store bought bread to freeze- the original packaging of bread doesn't do much to protect it in the freezer- leftover bread bags would be great for this too
  • Save paint roller or paintbrush for later use
  • Small produce bags for grocery store- yes you can take you own!
Reuse  Ideas for Tissue Boxes
  • Trash cans for car- won't tip over and spill its contents
  • Holder for plastic grocery bags, newspaper sleeves, used dryer sheets (some people have found great uses for these- I'll share that list later)
  • Collection spot for Box Tops for Education and soup labels- all those things you collect for school
  • Toys- mailbox, slippers (dinosaur or robot feet or carpet skates), building blocks, many crafts
  • Gift box - as is or cut the top off and use tissue paper like you would in a gift bag
  • If it has a pretty design, cut apart to make book marks, gift tags and more
  • Cut the top off and use as drawer organizers
  • Trash can by a sick bed for all those used tissues- it can sit on the bed without spilling it contents

Do you have more reuse it ideas for the two items? Please share your ideas in the comments below.


  1. With our recent snow and no show boots for the older two, I used those plastic newspaper sleeves to keep their socks dry. They put on their socks, then the plastic sleeves and then the shoes. A little tape was need to keep them from sliding down skinny legs. They came in with dry socks and therefore warmer feet.

  2. The bags that newspapers come in are usually a very pretty color and many crafters who use plastic bags for crafting really desire these beautiful colored bags. Save the bags and offer them on a crafting site or recycling forum. You are sure to get takers for them. I know I'm always looking for pretty bags to crochet.

  3. I tried the baked potatoes in the crockpot and they were delicious. Great idea for large groups!