Monday, February 8, 2010


I know you have read and heard that date nights are needed for all couples, especially those with kids and busy lives.  Date nights are easier said than done, so many things can get in the way.  If you have to hire a babysitter, it can turn into an expensive evening.  They need to be planned and put on the calendar at least a week in advance and don't let life get in the way!  Here are some ideas for cheap date nights...

Make a playlist of slow love songs, light a candle and dance in your house.

Dream big together!  Plan a fantasy vacation together, go window shopping for luxury items, go test drive the car you want, spend a Sunday afternoon touring open houses for the next step up home.

Watch a movie.  Or course you can go to the theater, but it can be expensive.  Instead send one person out for a redbox movie  ($1 rental) while the other puts the kids in beds. Have your spouse pick out something you both will enjoy but let him surprise you with the choice.

Picnic... Go for a hike and a picnic on a weekend or long summer afternoon or have a romantic picnic in the backyard.

Get active together- If you belong to the gym you can try racquetball together or if you have bikes try a bike ride.  Take a leisurely paced hand holding stroll around a lake.

Reminisce- Have a nice dinner at home together and drag out those early love letters and cards to each other and all those early pictures.  It will be a fun look back.

Volunteer together- Spend a Saturday morning or any time during the week doing something for others together.

I'd love to know your ideas too!

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