Friday, February 5, 2010


Are your closets bursting at the seams with clothes? You can spend lots of time and money organizing your clothes, but the organization is easier when you have fewer clothes. So spend time weeding through them before you spend money on new containers and closet systems. Here are a few tips on how to decide what to keep and what to purge.

First group like items together but put your hangers backward. As you wear an item and hang it up again, turn the hanger around. This will give you an easy way to see what you wear and what you don't. At the end of the season or sooner take everything that is still on a backward hanger and get rid of it.

Another method is when you re-hang your clothes after wearing, hang them to the left of everything else. Shortly you will notice clothes on the right that never get worn. Unless they are special occasion clothes, your giveaways will be to the right staring you down.

This works great for kids clothes too!

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  1. Nice article. My problem is sort of different because I know what I wear and what I don't. I just think that someday I'll wear the things I don't. I have lots of things are still lovely and perfectly good to wear, I just haven't worn them. I find that the hard part of decluttering my closet is getting rid of the items that I still love and are wearable, but don't wear.