Monday, February 22, 2010


Photo books are very popular and for good reason, they are easy to do (not always quick though) and make great gifts.  Sizes and prices vary on how many pages and the cover, but I have seen 4 x 6 books for around $4.99 and 8 x 11 photo book for $20 and up.  Before you pay full price for a photo book do an internet search for a coupon code for the site you are using.  All of the major online photo processors like Shutterfly and Snapfish offer photo books and so do many stores that offer photo processing like Wal-mart and Walgreens.

Custom Childrens Book- Do you want a special gift to give a child?  Write a short book about them and include pictures and art by you or the child.  If you worry you don't have writing skills for a book, just start very simple.  Write about their favorite foods, places, colors, games, subjects, or adventures.

Cookbook-  A great way to make your own family cookbook and make it look very professional.

Preserving Kid's Art- You can't keep everything your child makes.  Keep the special pieces and know its okay to throw away some or lots. You can take a picture of art projects and put it all in a photo book too.  You could do a photo book of art for every grade.  To get a good picture place the art on a plain background  (lay on a plain white or dark sheet on the floor and try to frame the photo so the art takes up most of the photo).  Some art can also be scanned in but I find taking a picture works great.

Preserving other parts of childhood- If you have a lego whiz, take pictures of all his creations and put in a small photo book.  Think of other things they make or build that have to be messed up like blocks, play dough and start taking pictures of their neat stuff.  If your child loves to dress up, take pictures in all their costumes.  Hopefully you get the idea, theme the photo book!  This is a great idea for the smaller photo books because they are cheaper.  The kids will love them and you'll find yourself doing more than one.

Reasons we love you book- This one is sweet and will make a great gift for anyone.  Include lots of great pictures and reasons the gift recipient is loved.  Great for grandparents, moms, dads and include comments for all the grandchildren/children.

Snapfish has more fun photo book ideas for you here.

Do you have more ideas for photo books?  Share them below!

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