Wednesday, February 24, 2010


To keep corduroy garments from retaining lint, wash them inside out.  This will also keep acrylic sweaters from pilling.

Keep a shaker filled with a ratio of 75 percent salt and 25 percent pepper next to your food prep area, its a good ratio for so many things you cook.

If you wet your hands with cold water before shaping sausage or hamburger patties, the grease won't stick to your fingers.

When you go away on a vacation, fill a zip-close plastic bag with a few ice cubes and place in your freezer.  If a power failure occurs while you are away, the ice cube will melt and refreeze in a solid block, alerting you that your frozen food has been defrosted.

Insert paper plates (the cheap flat kind) between fine china or nice plates before stacking to prevent scratches.

When the forecast calls for snow or ice, place two old bath towels across your windshield. When it's time to drive, simply pull off the towels for a clean, ready to go window.

- These tips are from Who Knew II by Jeanne and Bruce Lubin.


  1. Wow, these were some good ideas. Made me laugh on the towel on the car for snow. Here is something I learned living in Minnesota - don't store the lock de-icer inside the car. Didn't realize that wasn't a good idea until my lock was frozen one day.

  2. great ideas! I always feel smarter after I visit this blog! : )