Monday, March 8, 2010


Business Card Magnets
  • Make photo magnets by gluing a picture on. 
  • Have kids make art on the back of old business cards and glue those on for great fridge art- gift worthy for the grandparents. 
  • Use your craft and scrapbooking supplies to make them pretty to match your kitchen or office or you could make a set for a gift.
    An empty condiment squirt bottle works great for cooking oils.

    Used envelopes are great for your grocery list and you can carry your coupons inside.

    Egg cartons cut apart are great packing materials.

    Empty Parmesan cheese shakers are great for baking soda, if you use it as a cleaning product- don't forget to label it so no one thinks its still cheese.

    Check out my older post, Reuse it Ideas for more!  And please feel free toshare your ideas in the comments below.

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