Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crank Your Recycling Efforts Up a Notch

Some of us live where recycling is just too easy to not do, everything in one bin by the curb... come on people, it does not get easier than this.    Others have to have multiple bins and transport to a recycling facility.  Either way you can crank your recycling efforts up a notch with some of these ideas.

Check with your recycling service provider to see what they do and do not accept but here are things to consider placing in your recycling bin along with all the other things you recycle:

  • Envelopes with plastic windows- It takes a second to remove the plastic so do it rather than trash your envelope.  Some areas will accept envelopes with plastic windows.
  • Clothing Tags- All the paper tags can be recycled.
  • Fast Food Bags and Happy Meal Boxes-Usually they want only non greasy items
  • Empty Shampoo and Lotion bottles
  • Tissue Boxes and Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Used aluminum foil - as long as it is reasonably clean
  • Receipts- Most receipts do not have personal information on them so recycle them

These items don't go in your bin but should never be trashed, some are very harmful and some are very helpful to others.  To learn more about recycling these items, do an internet search.

  • Eye Glasses- These are collected by charities and distributed to those in need
  • Old towels and Blankets- Contact your local humane society or pet shelter, they can use these!
  • Sports Gear- Many charities refurbish used sports gear and get it into the hands of kids who need it.
  • Cell Phones- Lots of ways to recycle these
  • Electronics- Many retailers like Best Buy recycle your electronics for you.
  • Motor Oil- Most Auto parts store will accept motor oil
  • Magazines- Check with libraries or senior centers, they can often use these
  • Batteries of any kind- They contain nasty stuff so recycle them the right way

Happy Recycling and Celebrate Earth Day everyday!

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