Monday, April 12, 2010

Stepping Stones- A Great Mother's Day Gift

I know Mother's Day is a month away, but here is a gift idea now so you have plenty of time to get it done.  Children's handprints or footprints painted on stepping stones makes a wonderful, thoughtful, but very cheap gift for any mother or grandmother.   

You can buy the very plain stepping stones at any home improvement store and you want to pick one with a smoother finish.  You can find one that will work for under $4.00.  You can paint them with regular craft paint, those little bottles in the craft department that sell for around $1.00.   To get the best look of a handprint or a footprint, you have to paint the hand or foot and then press it down evenly.  You can not put a hand in a plate of paint and get a neat result and you will waste so much paint.  So line up the kids paint the hands or feet and let them stamp them on the stone.  Be sure to write the date and names if you choose and spray the surface of the stone with a thin coat of polyurethane.  It should last you for years!


  1. Selina - I have never heard of doing stepping stones this way. I only have done the ones where you mix the concrete and put handprints on it. This sounds waayyy less labor intensive. I'm totally going to do this!!

  2. I hope it turns out great for you! My mother and mother in law both have one from over 3 years ago and it still looks good. I need to do another one, but it's not a gift you can mail very easy, haha!