Monday, September 13, 2010

Reader Tip: Easier Mashed Potatoes

My friend and blog reader, Julie, has a new and easy way to make mashed potatoes.  Her tip is to use microwaved baked potatoes.  After they are cooked, cut the potatoes in half and let it cool enough to be able to squeeze the potato out of the skin or you can use a spoon and scoop it.  Put in in a mixing bowl,mash it up and add your usual ingredients for your mashed potatoes, milk, butter, salt and pepper.   I tried it and wow, it was easy and far less dishes to wash at the end.  I didn't use my vegetable peeler, my cutting board, my big pot that takes up so much room in the dishwasher, or a colander! 

The mashed potatoes tasted great and I will make them more often now because of this tip!

Remember the size of your potato and the kind of microwave you have will determine how long they need to cook.

Thank you Julie!!!!

Please send me your favorite tips that make your life easier and I might use them in a blog post.

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