Friday, December 17, 2010

Gift Exchange Ideas

Most of  us are involved in at least one gift exchange at Christmas.  They can be so much fun and if your gift exchange is not fun, try to make it that way!  There are many ways to do a gift exchange, my favorite is Dirty Santa style.  This is called many things but starts with everyone drawing a number and opening presents in that order.  There are rules about stealing gifts that make it fun.  One of the most important things to do in a gift exchange is to set a price minimum or maximum or both.  Once you know how you will exchange, here are some neat ideas to get you out of your traditional gift rut.

Made in the USA - This would be fun for a proud, patriotic family.  You'll have to do your research to stay within budget and know where to look to find items Made in the USA.

Game Exchange-  New and classic board games and card games can be exchanged.

Dollar Gift Exchange- Whatever you can find that would be useful or funny for a dollar.  Shopping could be from second hand stores or dollar stores.

Has to be Handmade by You- You need to encourage other to think outside of the box.  Crafty folks will love this idea and others will absolutely cringe.  Remind them handmade can include photos, poems, songs, baked goods, home-canned items, and the list goes on and on!

Alcohol Exchange- Everyone brings their favorite drink to exchange.  You should end up with a good mix of beer, wine, liquor and even drink mixes and of course this one will not work with all groups.

Support local businesses exchange-   The rules should be you can't buy anything you could buy from a big retailer. Don't forget to check with local artists to see what they are selling.

Re-Gift Exchange- Did you plan to get together with a group and ran out of time before the holidays?  After the holidays is a great time to do a re-gift exchange.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Creative Way to Give Gift Cards

Music gift cards can be wrapped in CD cases, album covers, or cassette cases to represent the way you bought music

Divide the gift card amount into $5 increments and decorate a small tree with them.

Book store gift cards can be placed inside a magazine or book as a book mark.

Place gift cards inside gloves or mittens, even work gloves for a hardware store gift card.

Restaurant gift cards can be wrapped up in a take out container.

Wrap a card up with a to do list and make go shopping appear first in the list.

Any gift card can be wrapped up in a box of chocolates or a candy bar.

Gift cards for shoes can be tucked in a pair of socks.

If you are creative you can make a replica of the gift card on a bigger scale on foam core board or poster board to wrap up and present. 

Buy a nice frame or a frame that suits the theme of the card and pop the card in.

And a Bonus:

If you are buying a gift card for a clothing store, find the ugliest, tackiest, and cheapest piece of clothing for this person you can find.  Think of looking at thrift stores and dollar stores.  Wrap it up and place the gift card inside.  Let's hope you and the recipient have a sense of humor if you do this!!

Tis the Season for Gift Giving!

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