Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Creative Way to Give Gift Cards

Music gift cards can be wrapped in CD cases, album covers, or cassette cases to represent the way you bought music

Divide the gift card amount into $5 increments and decorate a small tree with them.

Book store gift cards can be placed inside a magazine or book as a book mark.

Place gift cards inside gloves or mittens, even work gloves for a hardware store gift card.

Restaurant gift cards can be wrapped up in a take out container.

Wrap a card up with a to do list and make go shopping appear first in the list.

Any gift card can be wrapped up in a box of chocolates or a candy bar.

Gift cards for shoes can be tucked in a pair of socks.

If you are creative you can make a replica of the gift card on a bigger scale on foam core board or poster board to wrap up and present. 

Buy a nice frame or a frame that suits the theme of the card and pop the card in.

And a Bonus:

If you are buying a gift card for a clothing store, find the ugliest, tackiest, and cheapest piece of clothing for this person you can find.  Think of looking at thrift stores and dollar stores.  Wrap it up and place the gift card inside.  Let's hope you and the recipient have a sense of humor if you do this!!


  1. I wanted to share this comment with you that was made on another post here about gifts but fits very well here!

    MalloryLoren said...

    Awesome ideas. Also, holiday shoppers looking to go green should consider eGift cards over traditional plastic. According to Plenty Magazine, plastic gift card waste accounts for 75 million lbs of the PVC found in landfills each year. http://www.giftzip.com is the eco-friendly alternative, allowing you to shop, send, and receive virtually. GiftZip.com offers over 200 retailers ensuring you can find something for everyone on your list. Hope that helps!
    Thanks MalloryLoren!!

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