Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season for Gift Giving!

I plan to post a few more easy gift ideas soon! In the meantime check out my 11 other posts with gift ideas.  Some are gifts ideas that are free or very cheap, some are for kids, and some can be adapted for anyone on your list.

11 Gift Ideas on Tips and Snippets

I welcome Tips and Snippets from readers!  Consider sending me your great ideas to share with everyone.  If you don't have tips to share but would like me to consider a post about a certain topic, send me that too.  There should be a email link to your right :)

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  1. Awesome ideas. Also, holiday shoppers looking to go green should consider eGift cards over traditional plastic. According to Plenty Magazine, plastic gift card waste accounts for 75 million lbs of the PVC found in landfills each year. http://www.giftzip.com is the eco-friendly alternative, allowing you to shop, send, and receive virtually. GiftZip.com offers over 200 retailers ensuring you can find something for everyone on your list. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks for the great information!! I am going to copy and post your words into a comment under a recent post about gift cards. So people can read it when they read about gift cards.