Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

If your are ready to put your house on the market, you  need to be serious about making your house looks its best.  Work with what you have and what you can do inexpensively. This article will focus on how to make the interior of your house look better for potential buyers, but do not neglect the outside of your house.

First and most importantly you need to do what I call pre- packing so gather boxes and supplies and in most cases you might need to rent a storage unit to put all the extra stuff.  You are going to make your house look bigger, lighter and cleaner.  You are going to make your house more neutral by taking out many of your personal items.  We want buyers to picture themselves in your home and that beautiful large photo of your children on the wall makes that process hard for them.

Pack up your collections.  All of them, just do it! What you love is just visual clutter to someone else and by packing it all up, you have less to dust and clean.

Pack up book and music.  Potential buyers don't need to know your personal taste in literature or music.  And it can also look like clutter.

Pack up most of the personal photos. I know its hard, but it is not forever.

Clear the corners!  When you walk in a room, make sure you can see at least three of the corners, preferably four. 

Edit your furniture to the basics and send small unnecessary pieces to storage.  You should be able to easily move around the rooms.

Overhaul your closet.  The goal here it to see the floor and ample room with uncrowded rods.  Pack up  a third to half of what is in every closet so they look big and roomy.  People love houses with storage and crowded closets do not look big.

If you have kids pack up at least half the toys.  This one is very important.  Big toys, little toys- what your house needs to show well is less toys. The great thing about this is when you unpack them your kids will have hours of entertainment with these forgotten toys.

Make your counters bare.  You can leave the coffee pot and that is it.  If you don't have room in your cabinets for the things on the counters, get to packing things you don't use often.  While you are in the kitchen organize your cabinets so they look neat and spacious when they are opened.

Make it lighter.  Open all the windows and turn all the lights.  Look for dark places.  If closets do not have lights you can buy those pop on lights.  Do you need to add  lamps to a dark room?

When you house is decluttered and prepacked, get busy cleaning.  Deep, serious cleaning and hiring a professional for this task is a great idea.  Windows, light fixtures and bathrooms need to be sparkly clean.  Walls and floors should be scrubbed and maintained.  Kitchen sinks and counters need to be so clean it looks like no one uses them.

Even if your house needs updating, you want  buyers to see the potential of your house.  Good luck!

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