Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Handmade Gifts

Here is a round up of easy, creative handmade gifts with links to instructions and fabulous photos.  There is still time for handmade, it might be easier than running around in search of the perfect gift!

A custom dry erase board using a store bought frame and scrap book paper found here.

Candy Cane Vodka, it looks very festive and very easy, but you need 2 days to let it soak.  Find it here.

Pretzel Turtles- 3 ingredients, 883 5 star reviews (that means its good) and they are unbelievably yummy and so easy.

For kids- personalized gripper socks, easy enough if you have a steady hand.  You only need socks and puff paint.  I did this with names, initials, dots, squiggles.  She got more fancy here, but it's an easy project.

Rice Sock (microwave heat pack)-  These are great for kids or anyone and there are all sorts of fun socks out there!  This video shows you how to make one in under 1 minute, so make several!!!

Instant Russian Tea is always a hit.  There are hundreds of recipes so make it easy and save yourself a ton of time by trusting this 5 star recipe at

And here is my Gift category on this blog, some are very quick!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cute snowman wrapper for an easy, cheap gift

I was once again inspired by something I saw on pinterest, imagine that!  I needed 10 gifts that were cheap and easy and this is what we did.  This is one pack of microwave popcorn wrapped in one sheet of copy paper with one pair of knit gloves as the hat.  The kids are giving these as gifts so I let them draw the snowmen and I think they turned out cute!  One sheet of felt was cut to make the ties for the hats.  I scored the gloves in a 2 pack at the Dollar Tree and had the kids put one glove inside the other and slipped it over the top.  I don't know exactly how much I spent but I am thinking it was less than $1 per gift.  

The possibilities are endless here.  You can wrap up hot cocoa,  chocolate bars and so much more.  The idea came from here and she has a printable for the snowman that looks nice.  But I am never one to have ink in my printer and I wanted to kids to have fun with it too.  We made 10 gifts in less than 30 minutes.  You should try it!  Let me know if you do!

Unique, Easy Handprint Gift for Grandparents

To make this easy, cute keepsake gift you need an 8 x 10 frame and some scrapbook papers.  I traced the hand prints of my 3 kids on to pretty papers I thought would match the decor of their grandparent's house. I stacked and adhered them and it was complete in less than 15 minutes, start to finish.  I spent less than $3 on scrapbook paper and I bought cheap frames so each gift cost me under $5.00 to make.  I was impressed, haha!  The only thing that bothered me was I didn't even think to do one for myself!!!!  Oh well, it is easy enough to repeat one day soon!

Here is what inspired me