Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cute Snowman for your Wall or Outdoors

He's a cutie, right?  Easy to make, cheap to make- do you notice a theme with my projects? lol!
I found all my grapevine wreaths at thrift stores and spent about $3 on them, but 2 of them were covered in ugly outdated fake flowers that I just ripped off.  One of them looks like it is made from briars (huh) but it works!  The hat is from the Dollar Tree and the scarf is a piece of felt.  I did not hook the wreaths together, but you could with wire, heavy gauge fishing line, etc.  As you can see, I hung mine outside but this snowman would be cute inside too.

Here is my inspiration, both are beautiful.  I just made mine easier for me to do.  Both are from pinterest.  Imagine that!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hanging Lanterns Wall Art

The "make do with what you have" side of my brain met an idea that led to this, a big wall decoration and it costs me nothing!  Look for more wall art ideas in upcoming posts.

I had these lanterns and the curtain rod.  My last house had built ins and this house does not, so I am left with too many things that need surfaces to sit on, but I love my lanterns and this was the perfect solution.  I hung them with baling twine, the stuff used to hold hay bales together. The inspiration came from HGTV Design Star Season 6 highlights.

Update:  I shouldn't tell this, but do you know how long I searched for this curtain rod when finally putting up curtains in the guest room??  I knew I had 4, could only find 3 and then one day I sat down, looked up and cracked up.  THERE was my curtain rod! Lol!

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