Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Junk Brain

This is how my brain works, I see the junk and can see the potential in most things.   So here are some pics of what I saw and what I did, I really should take more before pictures!  The before photo is on the right or top.  Some of these I sold or are for sale and others were for my house.

 Shells for my son's nature room.  I liked the shape of the frame so out with Joy!  lol!

 The check out people at the thrift stores must think I am crazy for buying the stuff I do.  Ugly, broken, but always cheap!  

 The seahorse frame was falling apart but it had potential for my other son's room, the sea life room.  After taking it apart, I realized the seahorse was just a note card, proof that anything can be art. I broke out the kids' watercolors and changed it from off white to cool blue!

 Call me crazy but this little blue butterfly is one of my favorite things I have bought for the house, it was 99 cents!  

 Dirty, ugly.... meets clean and oh so cute!

I found an elephant for .60 and about 3 of these great chunky frames with strange adhesive on them.  Oh my, I should I walked away from the frames, that adhesive was very hard to get off!  But I loved the outcome, how about you?

I can do custom projects for you or thrift store shopping for you next treasure!

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