Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Various Shades of Green- Guest Bath makeover

I have a half bath that has changed dramatically and it makes me sooooo happy!  My pictures are incomplete because I am impatient and wanted to photograph the room before the medicine cabinet hole was patched, the mirror was put up, and before we put down new baseboard.  

UPDATE:  We finished and I updated the pictures!

Here are some changes that we did
  • Avacodo Green Sink and Toilet were replaced with WHITE!
  • The fuzzy, metallic wallpaper is GONE, a beautiful new shade called "Nuture Green" went on the walls.
  • A full coat closet was removed- this bathroom was not big enough for that closet!
  • The faux marble teal stick-on floors tiles and the underlying gold speckled linoleum were replaced with a very pretty neutral tile.
I only have one before picture, but really, this sums it up perfectly.

And I really did mean fuzzy green metallic wallpaper, a MESS to remove!

And here it is now!

My beautiful antique mirror that I painted gloss white because believe it or not, it was painted avocado green to match the old sink when I snagged it at an auction for $5. 

 I am proud to say what is on this wall looked like a pile of trash before I got my hands on it, so it was dirt cheap art!  

 This butterfly picture is above the toilet, another trash to treasure project by me.

The antique dresser will be painted white one day or maybe even stripped, right now it is faux antiqued.  My mother and grandmother did that many years ago.   The two small mirrors were gold thrift store finds at $0.25 each and the frames are all very cheap thrift store specials.  The lighting on the pic is bad, sorry! 

I made this piece above the door to sell along with about everything I put on the walls in this room.  But it is staying right here now!  This was a wicker piece that was missing whatever was supposed to be on it and it was all banged up.  The medallions came from 3 different places and I painted them to match.  El Cheapo!

And here are some during pictures:

 I learned to never think or say, well it can't get any uglier, it can!  This after wallpaper look is ALWAYS horrible and I've lived with this look too long in other bathrooms.

More before and afters to come in future posts, my whole house is a before and after!

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  1. Wow what a difference. Love how clean and bright the new bathroom looks. Good job on that!

  2. Thanks, it feels so much cleaner!!! It was one nasty ugly bathroom before!

  3. So much nicer.. you did a great job! i think that dresser would look lovely painted white! take care, Maryann

    1. Painting that dresser white is on the to-do list, but its a very long list.... I can't wait to get to it. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Replies
    1. This wonderful house I call mine had several more bathrooms that would rival ugliest before picture. They are all slowly changing!