Monday, August 6, 2012

Photo Gallery Wall

I drooled over photo gallery walls for awhile.  The stairway of this house seemed like a perfect location, so here is my version.  The stairs and entry were one of the first area to be touched when we moved in. For one the wallpaper literally was falling off the walls and the very large mirrors at the top and bottom of the stairs were a little scary living with 3 boys.  Do you know how many toys have raced down stairs with those three?  It all came out the way I wanted and it cost me nothing, well after the walls were painted it costs me nothing!  That, friends, excites me!

Let's look at what we were dealing with.  Keep in mind the lighting up the stairs is bad, we need new light fixtures that have more than one bulb and I am by no means a great photographer with my Sony Cyber Shot! We took down 6 large mirrors, a few of which you can see at the top of the stairs in this photo.
The wall paper came down easy but left lots of gritty glue!
This was the wallpaper, not too bad but peeling up at every seam and so dirty, it looked BAD going up the stairs!
So we painted the walls a color called, Comfort Grey, but it is really a green if you ask me.  I like it and so far have used it here and in the den.  I collected all my photos of the kids in black frames and here is where I am very happy I started putting everything in black frames way back when, because I love the result.
Now is this area finished?   Well of course not.  The carpet on the stairs is hideous, the lighting is not sufficient, and the trim needs to go from "yellow" to white.  And my word "believe" fell off the wall and broke, so now I need to glue, touch it up with black paint and find another way to hang it.  But this looks so much better than what we were living with.

I found so many ideas on pinterest for inspiration to do this, including this nifty way of laying it all out.

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