Thursday, September 27, 2012

Easy, Inexpensive Fall Touches

I spooked out several areas in my house, but reserved the dining room for strictly Fall Decor- no blood, skeletons, or creepy cloth!  This is the first year of my adult life that I have a dining room WITH a table without horrible wallpaper.  Last year the pink floral wallpaper remained so I just ignored this room, now I love my dining room. and was very excited to get out my Fall goodies!  The to-do list in there is still substantial, but we've come so far!

I changed up this little shelf, which I think was meant for a bathroom, but I used it in my dining room to hold my cobalt glass.  Cheap little pumpkins sit on little candle holders and napkin rings.  The two cream dishes are filled with chestnuts from my yard.  Lots or natural elements would work to fill dishes, like sweet gum balls, pecans, walnuts, seeds, pods, and more.

Here are more chestnuts and candles in a serving dish sitting 
in my very old wood china cabinet.

Split peas are a great vase filler and I love the color
 of split peas for Fall or Spring.

 Here I used the split peas as a base for the little gourds from the grocery store.  This oval bowl on a stand was a thrift store find that I was planning on painting, but I may leave it.

You can do lots with faux leaves! My bag of leaves have a wire stem and I love that I can attach them to anything.  Here are a few ways I used them.
These are the same gourds as above I was trying to 
decide which one to go with.

I put one leaf on this cheap metal piece.

I filled a natural basket with the leaves and put in the 
center of my wreath. I think I am going to lose the candle ring, its a little busy for me.

One large leaf under these candles too.

One of my favorite, easy Fall display ideas is to spray a random assortment of cheap-O thrift store candle sticks for your mini pumpkins, gourds, or squash.

 Happy, Happy Fall to all of you!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Attic Treasures

My house was built in 1973 and only had one owner until we bought it. From what the neighbors say, she was a character.  I believe them!  Shortly before putting the house on the market, her family had an estate sale.  BUT the attic and crawlspace under the house were never cleaned out.  Treasure hunt!!!  A hot, dirty, nasty treasure hunt that yielded large piles of trash and large pile of give away stuff and these items below that I claimed!  

First is the small table base.  I discarded the completely warped, split and worthless top. One day I am sure I will find a cute table top with no base or this would be a great base to one heck of finial.  In the background you see an old drawer.  I took the front off  and now I am left with a big rustic display box that I can hang.  I think it will make a good backdrop to photograph some of the things I sell.

This little bedside table is interesting and rustic.  I am not sure if anyone "needs" a bedside table in this house, but they may :)  Oh and that metal drawer, I just picked up one of these at the thrift store this week, and look here another one!  I hope they are tall enough to hold my craft paint!

There were 2 old foot lockers, by old I mean the kind you might send to college with your kids in the late seventies or early eighties.  No value to me.  One was still full of clothes and I fished out the paisley shirt.  I do love paisley and I love these colors, hmmm.  I don't think I will wear the shirt, but I might use the fabric.

I was the one in the cramped, dirty attic this weekend and I was handing stuff down to my husband and kids in the garage.  I spotted this shelf from afar and finally drug it across the rafters to the opening in the garage.  I excitedly told my 11 year old son this was the best find of the day.  He looked at it and me bewildered and said, "I can't believe you think that is the find of the day".  I have already measured it and have a great plan, here's a hint- kitchen and pitchers, stay tuned.

There are 6 of these cabinet doors that will be great for serious upcycling!   I plan to so something similar to the drawer front I did here on at least a few of these.

A wrought iron gate caught my eye and I never thought it was come down that tiny hole, but it did.  My first thoughts were to use it as a trellis, but I have other ideas too! 

Can you see the thick layer of dust?  It was bad!  This is a footboard with no headboard to be found.  This one says large chalkboard sign to me.  I din't think I need a big heavy chalkboard sign, but I may be wrong.  I had seen enough ideas on pinterest of headboards and footboards to not let this one go to the curb.

And last but not least, this baffling gem.  If you bought this fabric in the seventies I do wander what your "craft" project was going to be.  And now I am sitting here wandering what mine will be, lol!

I also have a nice collection of old clay pots now too.  The only thing I wanted from under the house!

What do you think about my treasures?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Spooky Decor

In a previous post I showed you how I decorated my porch cheaply last year.  I will update those pictures next week when I finish up, but let me show you my CHEAP spooky indoor decor.  Lots of pictures!  I hope you find ideas you can duplicate and guess what, ITS ALL CHEAP!!!!!  I bought everything in 2011 or 2012 at Dollar Tree or I already owned it.  I will put a (DT) by the Dollar Tree items in my descriptions.

Spooky Entry!  The two witch signs (DT) were $1.00, seriously!  I had the empty black frame and this helped bulk it up.  The black or gray holey fabric you see on the witch sign, the candle, and the pot is Creepy Cloth (DT)- I love this stuff. Its makes everything better!

I bought 3 bags of snakes and bugs (DT) and sprayed them with a light coat of black spray paint.  They stuck into the creepy cloth and stayed with no wire or glue.

I had this candle thingy and the candles and you don't know how many times I thought about getting rid of it.  I've never found a good place for it, its not really my everyday style.  I will never get rid of it now, its perfect for Halloween with Creepy Cloth and snakes!  How did I not see that before?  Well, this is my first year doing spooky decor inside.

The cheap witch's pots looked too plastic for me so I grabbed this big kitchen pot we use a few times a year.  I filled it with newspaper and then added a layer of dead leaves.  I added little skulls (DT), a mini skeleton (DT), a big black rat (DT), a spider and some snakes my boys had and a wooden spoon.  This is the gray creepy cloth on the pot.   

 Neon critters didn't work with my ideas, quick easy 
fix with spray paint.

Have you ever heard of the legend of Bloody Mary?  If not google it, but legend says if you stand in the dark in front of a mirror and chant Bloody Mary 3 times while turning in circles, her ghost appears in the mirror.  She is appearing in my guest bath all month long!  This is a window cling (DT), don't look over the cheap stuff.  Some of it is pure crap, some is not!

Above you see the window clings decals as they are packaged.  They had some nasty looking rats I picked up for my storm door and spiders I stuck on a few other mirrors, etc. 

 I thought there was no harm in having a few mice (DT) running around the lanterns and a big black crow (DT) to watch over.

Here is the packaging of the small mice.  I took the gold twist ties and peeled the gold easily off.  I was left was a plain very small wire which was perfect for attaching them to the twine.  I love it when I don't have to get out extra supplies!

If you take away the creepy stuff, this is how my mantle looked so I had the jars. I can not get a picture with the right lighting in here, ugh!   I filled my jars with all kinds of fun things and added a spider window cling.

The black snakes are the ones I spray painted above.  The small skulls (DT) came in a bag of about 15.  The shrunken skeletons were skeleton garland (DT) and I just shoved 3 of them in the jar.  I also have a spider in a jar.

In theses jars I have a bat (DT) and the biggest jar is filled with creepy cloth and spiders.  The little spooky statue  (DT) matched my colors perfectly, but was the only one I found in this color.  I wanted several.

And one last idea for you.  I've had this plug in pumpkin for years, and he is not scary at all and he does not look like a real pumpkin. So I gave him a scary makeover with a cheap scary rubber mask (DT).  He will look so good lit up at night on the porch!  Dollar Tree had a good selection of scary rubber masks, I think they would be awful to wear, but any pumpkin could wear them!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

This time last year...

This time last year I was very excited to decorate for Halloween, but I had nothing for outdoor or porch decor and I did not want to spend a lot of money.  I kept hearing from neighbors that this is a big Halloween neighborhood and they were right.  A teen in the neighborhood put together an awesome haunted trail for his senior project.  Trick or treating was wonderful and a handful of houses went ALL out on yard decor!  I loved it!  
But back to my dilemma... decorate the porch in a fun way on shoestring budget.  A trip to the Dollar Tree was all it took.   I plan on adding to these ideas this year and adding more!  This is more fun than decorating the porch for Christmas, by far.  I spent less than $20 and yes I know some of it looks like it cost a dollar, but all in all, their Halloween stuff was good last year!


Here is my pinterest collection of cool Halloween ideas-
I will add some of those ideas this year, I plan to start in a few weeks!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Was a Drawer Front

Once a drawer front, now a very cool organizer for a kitchen or entry wall.

The top 2 pieces of old hardware are a great place to hang your glasses or you could clip anything to these.  Below that are 2 hooks, ideal for your keys. The letter holder can also hold your phone.

To make this I used a discarded napkin holder similar to the one in my collage below, old drawers pulls from the 70s furniture you see below (you will see this furniture several more times in the months to come).  I used a drawer front that came from the same kitchen as this 70s faux stained glass cabinet door, yes this is/was my kitchen!

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Save the Trees and Butterflies!

I hope by now you know, I LOVE an upcycled or repurposed project, but these two were not really upcycled or created, more like saved. These were cute pieces when they were new in a store, but when I saw them in the thrift store they were beat up and looked pretty bad.  They were a great size (15 inches square), lots of potential and they were cheap.  See for yourself below, not as dramatic as most before and afters.


Cute, right?  But look closely below, you will see scratches and stains.  These looked like they had been abused, and the pictures do not clearly show that.  I thought it would be an easy fix, but it didn't come clean or sand off like I planned.  The white part was some kind of crazy, absorbent, chalk like substance that was not letting go of stains!

So I had to sand , touch up paint, and glaze to make it look like this.  


These pieces are for sale,

Monday, September 10, 2012


Okay, I admit I am one those people who rearranges furniture more than most.  I also change what is on the walls, because heck I know how to patch a hole.  I did a little tweaking (which is what I call a decorative accessory rearrangement)  this weekend, mainly because I found a fabulous old mirror a few weeks ago that I placed on my mantle.  I then had to find a home for one of my favorite pieces of art that was on on the mantle, which ended up being above the bed which reminded me there are still many left to do in there....and on and on my brain went.   So here are my tweaks to the house.

Here is the mirror that started it all.  I spotted it at a yard sale, falling apart, nasty, veneer peeling everywhere and made the lady a $4 offer, she took it!  We had to put it back together and I just pulled the veneer off and cleaned it up.  I may go over it again with a light stain one day, but that is low on my to-do list.  I love it on the mantle.  I have added more old jars like these, which led me on a hunt that changed more things, keep reading :)

This lovely piece of art below was above the mantle but it looks great above the bed.  This $5 piece caused me to brake and slam it in reverse in the middle of the road about 5 years ago.  I spotted it at a yard sale.  I took it to a frame shop and they re-matted it, tightened my framed up and cleaned it, WELL worth $40 if you ask me.

While in the bedroom I thought the top of the armoire needed something, so I gathered all the jugs and vessels form the house and put them together, I think they will stay.

In an attempt to knock out some projects using what I already had, I came across the wooden shelf on bottom which reminded me I had another and wouldn't it be PRETTY with those milk glass vases in them and hydrangeas?  My friend Kate is responsible for me ever picking up milk glass at the thrift store.  She pinned some beautiful pictures of milk glass and hydrangeas on Pinterest and I was sold!  I have about 8 hydrangeas so I have a large supply of flowers! In a perfect world, the cabinets would be white, but we haven't got to that yet....

I had the white spray paint out for another project and FINALLY second coated these pieces for the dining room.  This is a cast iron piece that I love and of course it came from the thrift store, well else would I buy things, lol!

And this big metal piece came from the thrift store. It was brass and the finish was not in good shape I wanted lots of white in my dining room so why not paint it?

And while looking for more sea glass colored old bottles, I found one more cobalt blue one to finish this shelf in the dining room.

And last but not least, I didn't even think I liked old brown bottles, but the boys bathroom needed something. I had the shelf and one bottle and found a great deal on the others again when I was looking for more for my mantle. I really like it here!

That is all for now, more coming!