Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Attic Treasures

My house was built in 1973 and only had one owner until we bought it. From what the neighbors say, she was a character.  I believe them!  Shortly before putting the house on the market, her family had an estate sale.  BUT the attic and crawlspace under the house were never cleaned out.  Treasure hunt!!!  A hot, dirty, nasty treasure hunt that yielded large piles of trash and large pile of give away stuff and these items below that I claimed!  

First is the small table base.  I discarded the completely warped, split and worthless top. One day I am sure I will find a cute table top with no base or this would be a great base to one heck of finial.  In the background you see an old drawer.  I took the front off  and now I am left with a big rustic display box that I can hang.  I think it will make a good backdrop to photograph some of the things I sell.

This little bedside table is interesting and rustic.  I am not sure if anyone "needs" a bedside table in this house, but they may :)  Oh and that metal drawer, I just picked up one of these at the thrift store this week, and look here another one!  I hope they are tall enough to hold my craft paint!

There were 2 old foot lockers, by old I mean the kind you might send to college with your kids in the late seventies or early eighties.  No value to me.  One was still full of clothes and I fished out the paisley shirt.  I do love paisley and I love these colors, hmmm.  I don't think I will wear the shirt, but I might use the fabric.

I was the one in the cramped, dirty attic this weekend and I was handing stuff down to my husband and kids in the garage.  I spotted this shelf from afar and finally drug it across the rafters to the opening in the garage.  I excitedly told my 11 year old son this was the best find of the day.  He looked at it and me bewildered and said, "I can't believe you think that is the find of the day".  I have already measured it and have a great plan, here's a hint- kitchen and pitchers, stay tuned.

There are 6 of these cabinet doors that will be great for serious upcycling!   I plan to so something similar to the drawer front I did here on at least a few of these.

A wrought iron gate caught my eye and I never thought it was come down that tiny hole, but it did.  My first thoughts were to use it as a trellis, but I have other ideas too! 

Can you see the thick layer of dust?  It was bad!  This is a footboard with no headboard to be found.  This one says large chalkboard sign to me.  I din't think I need a big heavy chalkboard sign, but I may be wrong.  I had seen enough ideas on pinterest of headboards and footboards to not let this one go to the curb.

And last but not least, this baffling gem.  If you bought this fabric in the seventies I do wander what your "craft" project was going to be.  And now I am sitting here wandering what mine will be, lol!

I also have a nice collection of old clay pots now too.  The only thing I wanted from under the house!

What do you think about my treasures?


  1. The 70's were crazy. I bought a giant piece of fabric art that has elks on it. It almost looks like a velvet painting. I figured it was only $1 and I come up with something. But it is still folded up in my scrap pile a year later.

    I have never come across crazy fabric like what you found though.

    1. I've not used it yet, but you an bet one day I will :) The 70's were indeed crazy! Let me know how you end up using your crazy fabric.