Sunday, September 16, 2012

Save the Trees and Butterflies!

I hope by now you know, I LOVE an upcycled or repurposed project, but these two were not really upcycled or created, more like saved. These were cute pieces when they were new in a store, but when I saw them in the thrift store they were beat up and looked pretty bad.  They were a great size (15 inches square), lots of potential and they were cheap.  See for yourself below, not as dramatic as most before and afters.


Cute, right?  But look closely below, you will see scratches and stains.  These looked like they had been abused, and the pictures do not clearly show that.  I thought it would be an easy fix, but it didn't come clean or sand off like I planned.  The white part was some kind of crazy, absorbent, chalk like substance that was not letting go of stains!

So I had to sand , touch up paint, and glaze to make it look like this.  


These pieces are for sale,

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