Friday, September 21, 2012

Spooky Decor

In a previous post I showed you how I decorated my porch cheaply last year.  I will update those pictures next week when I finish up, but let me show you my CHEAP spooky indoor decor.  Lots of pictures!  I hope you find ideas you can duplicate and guess what, ITS ALL CHEAP!!!!!  I bought everything in 2011 or 2012 at Dollar Tree or I already owned it.  I will put a (DT) by the Dollar Tree items in my descriptions.

Spooky Entry!  The two witch signs (DT) were $1.00, seriously!  I had the empty black frame and this helped bulk it up.  The black or gray holey fabric you see on the witch sign, the candle, and the pot is Creepy Cloth (DT)- I love this stuff. Its makes everything better!

I bought 3 bags of snakes and bugs (DT) and sprayed them with a light coat of black spray paint.  They stuck into the creepy cloth and stayed with no wire or glue.

I had this candle thingy and the candles and you don't know how many times I thought about getting rid of it.  I've never found a good place for it, its not really my everyday style.  I will never get rid of it now, its perfect for Halloween with Creepy Cloth and snakes!  How did I not see that before?  Well, this is my first year doing spooky decor inside.

The cheap witch's pots looked too plastic for me so I grabbed this big kitchen pot we use a few times a year.  I filled it with newspaper and then added a layer of dead leaves.  I added little skulls (DT), a mini skeleton (DT), a big black rat (DT), a spider and some snakes my boys had and a wooden spoon.  This is the gray creepy cloth on the pot.   

 Neon critters didn't work with my ideas, quick easy 
fix with spray paint.

Have you ever heard of the legend of Bloody Mary?  If not google it, but legend says if you stand in the dark in front of a mirror and chant Bloody Mary 3 times while turning in circles, her ghost appears in the mirror.  She is appearing in my guest bath all month long!  This is a window cling (DT), don't look over the cheap stuff.  Some of it is pure crap, some is not!

Above you see the window clings decals as they are packaged.  They had some nasty looking rats I picked up for my storm door and spiders I stuck on a few other mirrors, etc. 

 I thought there was no harm in having a few mice (DT) running around the lanterns and a big black crow (DT) to watch over.

Here is the packaging of the small mice.  I took the gold twist ties and peeled the gold easily off.  I was left was a plain very small wire which was perfect for attaching them to the twine.  I love it when I don't have to get out extra supplies!

If you take away the creepy stuff, this is how my mantle looked so I had the jars. I can not get a picture with the right lighting in here, ugh!   I filled my jars with all kinds of fun things and added a spider window cling.

The black snakes are the ones I spray painted above.  The small skulls (DT) came in a bag of about 15.  The shrunken skeletons were skeleton garland (DT) and I just shoved 3 of them in the jar.  I also have a spider in a jar.

In theses jars I have a bat (DT) and the biggest jar is filled with creepy cloth and spiders.  The little spooky statue  (DT) matched my colors perfectly, but was the only one I found in this color.  I wanted several.

And one last idea for you.  I've had this plug in pumpkin for years, and he is not scary at all and he does not look like a real pumpkin. So I gave him a scary makeover with a cheap scary rubber mask (DT).  He will look so good lit up at night on the porch!  Dollar Tree had a good selection of scary rubber masks, I think they would be awful to wear, but any pumpkin could wear them!

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  1. that candleholder and the creepy cloth is perfect for halloween!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love your pumpkin collection on candlesticks!

  2. Great ideas! LOVE how you decorated the mantle with jars filled with creepy things.

  3. Those are great ideas! Love that you got it at DT! I am going to run out and get me some creepy cloth! And the mask on the pumpkin - brilliant! Saw you at Debbiedoo's.

  4. Thanks, you will love what all you do with Creepy Cloth!

  5. Love it, I must get busy! Thanks for sharing.

    1. TRhanks! I see so many great ideas on blogs and pinterest that I find it very hard to use all my favorite ones for seasonal decorating. I am already thinking ahead to Christmas!