Monday, September 10, 2012


Okay, I admit I am one those people who rearranges furniture more than most.  I also change what is on the walls, because heck I know how to patch a hole.  I did a little tweaking (which is what I call a decorative accessory rearrangement)  this weekend, mainly because I found a fabulous old mirror a few weeks ago that I placed on my mantle.  I then had to find a home for one of my favorite pieces of art that was on on the mantle, which ended up being above the bed which reminded me there are still many left to do in there....and on and on my brain went.   So here are my tweaks to the house.

Here is the mirror that started it all.  I spotted it at a yard sale, falling apart, nasty, veneer peeling everywhere and made the lady a $4 offer, she took it!  We had to put it back together and I just pulled the veneer off and cleaned it up.  I may go over it again with a light stain one day, but that is low on my to-do list.  I love it on the mantle.  I have added more old jars like these, which led me on a hunt that changed more things, keep reading :)

This lovely piece of art below was above the mantle but it looks great above the bed.  This $5 piece caused me to brake and slam it in reverse in the middle of the road about 5 years ago.  I spotted it at a yard sale.  I took it to a frame shop and they re-matted it, tightened my framed up and cleaned it, WELL worth $40 if you ask me.

While in the bedroom I thought the top of the armoire needed something, so I gathered all the jugs and vessels form the house and put them together, I think they will stay.

In an attempt to knock out some projects using what I already had, I came across the wooden shelf on bottom which reminded me I had another and wouldn't it be PRETTY with those milk glass vases in them and hydrangeas?  My friend Kate is responsible for me ever picking up milk glass at the thrift store.  She pinned some beautiful pictures of milk glass and hydrangeas on Pinterest and I was sold!  I have about 8 hydrangeas so I have a large supply of flowers! In a perfect world, the cabinets would be white, but we haven't got to that yet....

I had the white spray paint out for another project and FINALLY second coated these pieces for the dining room.  This is a cast iron piece that I love and of course it came from the thrift store, well else would I buy things, lol!

And this big metal piece came from the thrift store. It was brass and the finish was not in good shape I wanted lots of white in my dining room so why not paint it?

And while looking for more sea glass colored old bottles, I found one more cobalt blue one to finish this shelf in the dining room.

And last but not least, I didn't even think I liked old brown bottles, but the boys bathroom needed something. I had the shelf and one bottle and found a great deal on the others again when I was looking for more for my mantle. I really like it here!

That is all for now, more coming!

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