Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun

Thank you to Pinterest for showing me that I could do these witches legs with pool noodles, because I tried to find mannequin legs, not an easy task and where would I have stored them? This witch has skinny legs but I love this addition to our porch decor this year.  

Our Halloween Menu:

It was really just Chili with corn chips, hot sauce and shredded cheese as the toppings served with carrot sticks and orange drink.  My 3 gross boys loved my names and my food!

Here is what had been on the chalk board, the kids really enjoyed this list and marking things off.  We did complete the list, I can't wait to add something new.  I am sure a thankful list is starting soon.

After seeing these posted I think I need to read those posts on fancy chalkboard typography or better yet learn how to write in a straight line on a chalkboard, lol!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cross Made from Picture Frames

Its really neat how ideas you see on Pinterest, blogs, and images that have always been in your head come together in a perfect storm of AWESOMENESS!

One of my favorite images I have ever found on Pinterest was this beauty from Lucy Designs and my caption said, "I want to do this!"

Well I've not done it....but it inspired me in a way to make this!

Someone gave me a box of cheap certificate frames and I was wondering what to do with them.  The idea for this cross came to mind, so I persuaded my hubby to help me get set up and started on this project one Sunday afternoon.  I didn't buy anything to make this, I love that!

I broke the cheap frames apart by stepping on them and pulling up.  I had a few chunkier broken frames and some spare short pieces of molding I used too.  I cut everything in 4 inch pieces.  The pieces are attached to a thin piece of plywood that I fished out of the construction debris trailer when we were getting new windows.  An air nailer/stapler was used to attach everything to the plywood.  Below you can see it after I filled the holes but before I painted it.  I really wanted wood tones and wished I had not used the white and gold pieces, but I used brown paint, stain and glaze to make it all look like wood.  The paint job only took about 5 minutes.

This one is big, 3 feet tall, and I want to play with this idea and make some smaller things.  Cheap and or broken frames seem very easy to find.  What other things do you think would look good with this stacked molding look?

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Updates to my Guest Bath Post

I blogged about my guest bath months ago with incomplete pictures because guess who is very impatient?   Well I updated the post and pictures and its worth a 2nd look or a first for many of you.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Upcycled Wall Panels

I love these decorative wall panels and guess where they came from?  They were drawer fronts from a large 1970's buffet I bought at an auction for $10.  I am going to paint the furniture for my entry and I did not need the drawers, I am putting in baskets.  After looking at the thick carved drawers fronts, I noticed the part you see below is actually plastic and came right off with minimal prying!  My furniture piece is giving me several projects now, I love it!

 I primed and spray painted these and sanded for light distressing.  I covered the hardware holes with a wood medallion I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I also glazed in a few places like the medallion.

Here is the drawer front on the furniture below.

And here is a before/after picture.

The great thing about these is they are light weight for hanging.  There is no way you would know these are plastic instead of wood by just looking and who is going to go touch your wall panels and tap it to see if it sounds like wood, lol.  I find I tap everything I pick up in the thrift store to see what it is made of.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finials from Repurposed Parts

It is funny how I really enjoy making some things but don't have them anywhere in my decor.  Finials area a good example of that, here are the ones I've made to date.  I don't have the supplies to make many more, I only buy thrift store treasures to redo and make things and wood candlesticks, curtain finials, and other key parts have been scarce lately.

Which ones are your favorite?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fancy Chalkboard Upcycle

I was thrilled to find this at a thrift store, but less than thrilled to find it was not wood but high density foam.  But being foam, mirror-less, and covered in one heck of a sorry stain job meant a great price.  When I saw it I immediately thought chalkboard :)

It turned out exactly like I wanted, yay!  I sawed off 2 little feet off the bottom so it was rest level when not hung.  I then sanded very lightly some of the drips and runs and started spray painting.  It was easy to paint, but took lots of coats.  A little sanding and distressing and the fancy frame was finished.  I had my handy husband cut me a piece of fiberboard with his table saw and I gave it several coats of chalkboard paint.  We decided using the air stapler was the best way to attach the chalkboard and the hanging wire. It worked beautifully.  

 I didn't even try to find a place for this in my house, as much as I loved it.  I knew I would have to rethink a whole room if I kept it and I have rethought rooms for a year and am finally through with a few of them!  My friend and her 16 year old daughter are redoing her bedroom in a fun Paris theme and thought this would be perfect, I agree.  Thank to Kim for being a GREAT customer of Pretty Purple Treasures!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Nature Room for a Boy

My oldest son is 11 and a little science and nature guy.  He has collected dead bugs, feathers, nuts, pine cones, turtle shells, sea shells, and more over the years.  So I thought I could use all that and make him a nice bedroom from thrift store finds.  After all I did it with my youngest son here and got a good start with my middle son here.   
Yep, I have 3 cuties!

This is the only room shot you're getting, but it is the best view :)  He IS an 11 year old boy and I do NOT clean his room so I can not turn around a take a picture.  You would see his dresser and book case and and they are both a total mess all the time! 

Every frame above came from the thrift store.  I didn't go one day and say I need 10 frames, I went every week for awhile and bought neat frames.  I knew 6 needed glass and thin frames and on the others I wanted pretty wood but that didn't work.  I changed the wood tone on almost every thing on the wall above his headboard and I did not sand or stain.  I'll share how I did it soon. His bedding came from Ikea and tied it all together.

The snake skeleton in the upper right started the whole room because I ask him what he wanted in his room and he said a snake skeleton.  It stumped me for awhile!  I did check out real skeletons- pricey!  Then I found this cool image and this idea was born.  Some of these images came from Graphics Fairy, I  LOVE that site.  For the others I googled animal skeletons and then just black and white animal images.  I printed them on card stock and popped them in my painted frames. They are brad nailed to a 1 x 2 that I weathered to look like barn wood, it was so easy.  Toggle bolts hold it firmly to the wall.

I glued light colored burlap to cardboard and then glued his collection in frames with a hot glue gun.  I knew I could always peel them off when the time comes to change things up.  Call me crazy, but I think collections look better in frames on walls than in ziploc baggies in drawers!  I used Elmer's glue to adhere the burlap because it is cheaper and less toxic than spray mount type products.

This shelf above was country cute with some lace and hearts I ripped right off.  This is more of his collection. Seeds, nuts and shells!

Here the some of the 8 x 10 frames I used for the black and white images.  These were cheap when they were new and were really cheap at the thrift store.

Here  the only before picture I could find.

Maybe you will find an idea you can use!

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