Monday, October 1, 2012

A Nature Room for a Boy

My oldest son is 11 and a little science and nature guy.  He has collected dead bugs, feathers, nuts, pine cones, turtle shells, sea shells, and more over the years.  So I thought I could use all that and make him a nice bedroom from thrift store finds.  After all I did it with my youngest son here and got a good start with my middle son here.   
Yep, I have 3 cuties!

This is the only room shot you're getting, but it is the best view :)  He IS an 11 year old boy and I do NOT clean his room so I can not turn around a take a picture.  You would see his dresser and book case and and they are both a total mess all the time! 

Every frame above came from the thrift store.  I didn't go one day and say I need 10 frames, I went every week for awhile and bought neat frames.  I knew 6 needed glass and thin frames and on the others I wanted pretty wood but that didn't work.  I changed the wood tone on almost every thing on the wall above his headboard and I did not sand or stain.  I'll share how I did it soon. His bedding came from Ikea and tied it all together.

The snake skeleton in the upper right started the whole room because I ask him what he wanted in his room and he said a snake skeleton.  It stumped me for awhile!  I did check out real skeletons- pricey!  Then I found this cool image and this idea was born.  Some of these images came from Graphics Fairy, I  LOVE that site.  For the others I googled animal skeletons and then just black and white animal images.  I printed them on card stock and popped them in my painted frames. They are brad nailed to a 1 x 2 that I weathered to look like barn wood, it was so easy.  Toggle bolts hold it firmly to the wall.

I glued light colored burlap to cardboard and then glued his collection in frames with a hot glue gun.  I knew I could always peel them off when the time comes to change things up.  Call me crazy, but I think collections look better in frames on walls than in ziploc baggies in drawers!  I used Elmer's glue to adhere the burlap because it is cheaper and less toxic than spray mount type products.

This shelf above was country cute with some lace and hearts I ripped right off.  This is more of his collection. Seeds, nuts and shells!

Here the some of the 8 x 10 frames I used for the black and white images.  These were cheap when they were new and were really cheap at the thrift store.

Here  the only before picture I could find.

Maybe you will find an idea you can use!

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  1. Wow! So creative! Perfect for your little guy. I bet he loves it!

    1. Thanks! He does and we had fun doing it and seeing it all come together.