Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun

Thank you to Pinterest for showing me that I could do these witches legs with pool noodles, because I tried to find mannequin legs, not an easy task and where would I have stored them? This witch has skinny legs but I love this addition to our porch decor this year.  

Our Halloween Menu:

It was really just Chili with corn chips, hot sauce and shredded cheese as the toppings served with carrot sticks and orange drink.  My 3 gross boys loved my names and my food!

Here is what had been on the chalk board, the kids really enjoyed this list and marking things off.  We did complete the list, I can't wait to add something new.  I am sure a thankful list is starting soon.

After seeing these posted I think I need to read those posts on fancy chalkboard typography or better yet learn how to write in a straight line on a chalkboard, lol!

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