Monday, November 26, 2012

My $7.50 wall

I've struggled with this long wall for a year and I finally found something I like and it was cheap.  The frame was only $5 and it called my name from across the room, ever had that happen?  The frames were $1 each and and the things in the frames were $0.50.  Yes, those kinds of things excite me!

The big mirror was a dresser mirror, but it had a "foot" on it that sat on the dresser and that made hanging it more difficult and detracted from its beautiful shape. So I removed it which was so much easier said than done.  I had to pry, grind some nails, fill some huge gaps with wood filler and touch up the stain where I "fixed" it.  It was worth it...I love the shape and I love that it was only $5.  If you are not impressed with my decor then maybe you are at least impressed with my ability to find cool things cheap! The mantle reflected in the mirror was just as cheap!!

These frames received the magic treatment of bead board wallpaper and gel stain!  

This is what I started with.  I sanded very little, the gel stain just worked magic!  I love gel stain! I wallpapered right over the ducks and painted the wallpaper.

I bought an odd assortment of these little coasters for $.50 and I loved the carved detail (I am a sucker for carved wood),  but not the orange wood so I painted them with glaze and it changed the color just like stain would.  I use this trick a lot for changing the wood tone of frames.

So what do you think, an improvement?

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mantle Before and After

This is one of my favorite before and afters in my house.  I like the look, but we also got a real wood burning fireplace in the end!  The brass fireplace screen bugged me from day one and it was so easy to take out, I don't know what took me so long to try!   We removed the gas logs and bought this pretty screen from Lowe's.  I found the mirror for $4.00 at a yard sale and I couldn't get it in my car without it falling apart so it needed some minor work but not much.  I removed most of the veneer which was in bad shape and just left it rustic and imperfect which makes it kind of perfect :)

The planters on the end are from the thrift store, $3.00 total for the planters.  The blue and green glass jars are a collection, most from family and some from thrifts.  I love these jars on the mantle with the wall color.  The little tin tile plaque in the center you see below.  I made it from taking apart a cheap frame to get these tiles and reusing someone's discarded craft plaque, both from the thrift store.  Some glue, a paint job and it was done!

And here is a better picture of the before.  My whole house matched this den a year ago, sigh!

Coming up soon, my $7.50 wall in this room.  A huge wall mirror and custom art for $7.50!  Hey that sounds like my mantle, but its not :)
Here it is, My $7.50 wall.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Cowboy Room Changes

I had a great start on my youngest son's cowboy room.  I had started a gallery wall and I knew it wasn't finished when I snapped pictures and showed you the room here.  I kept finding the neatest cowboy things while I was out junking and I had to let so many of them pass since this room was filling up.  

The gallery wall was finished by creating the big piece on top, finding some "vintage" horse plaques and rearranging everything else.  If you know me or have read much of  my blog, you may have picked up on the fact that I buy really cheap crap and redo it.  This whole room was dirt cheap to pull together!  Keep scrolling to see what those horses on top were in their before state.

Some things hanging here need some help staying level with all the activity of 3 boys running down the hall behind this wall, so that will happen soon.

And here are those little horses, they were $0.20 at my thrift store's half price day and I still don't know what they are, but they remind me of trophy of plaque parts.

I found this empty mirror frame for less than $1 and it was a bit wonky, but it didn't need to be sturdy because I was going to nail it to the wall.  The magic of spray paint transformed it all.  

The 3 distressed horse plaques on the wall started out like this below.  I sanded and glazed to change up the colors.  In the end I found 4 horse plaques similar to these at 2 different thrift stores on 2 different days and have never seen one before or after, strange but good.

I also changed up this mirror wall a bit.  

I saw this covered wagon wood piece and the wheels starting turning.  It was part of a bed and although he didn't need a bed I did ask the price and it was only $5 at the thrift store but the rest of the bed was a homemade mishap that I had no use for.  So I walked away, BUT kept thinking how I could make it work.  The next time I was in that store it was still there so I asked if I could just buy the foot board and they really didn't want to separate bed pieces.   I told them I only wanted the covered wagon part so I couldn't buy the whole bed.  My hubby would have died if I brought the whole bed home.  They got a drill and took it off (there was still an intact bed left) and sold it to me for $2!!!  Now I should add that I am a regular customer who donates LOTS of stuff, so they know me. I changed the wood tone and we hung it up. I love it!

Like I said, I didn't buy all the horse/cowboy things I saw and I am DONE!!!  Well, unless I meet another young cowboy or cowgirl who wants a cool room.  When my son was thrifting with me he pointed out every horse thing he saw and wanted it all.  He really wanted this framed carpet beauty, thank goodness I had finished the room and could say there is no room on your walls!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Metal and Barnwood- What is not to LOVE?

In addition to being a thrift store junkie, clearance sales have always called my name.  The copper metal strapping you see below was found at Home Depot in the plumbing section for a clearance price of $1.03 for a 10 foot roll.  I snagged up a few and had a few crafty ideas, but not this one.  Not until the next day and my brain was in one of those happy, crafty, ideas flowing like crazy moods.  I had the board, the hearts and the screws (reused) and used my hubby's tin snips to cut the copper straps.

The wire heart was a thrift store pickup for $0.10.  I bought it thinking I would take the lid off, spray paint and pop in a frame, that would have been cute too.

I bought the wooden hearts from a thrift store for about $0.25 thinking I would make those cute little ornaments with a map on a heart, yep that would have been cute too.   But I've had these for a long time and no ornaments have been made.

This stuff was very easy to cut with tin snips, my husband calls his tool aviation snips.

While I was at Home Depot the day after Halloween. I picked up 6 free pumpkins.  They were throwing them away! 
I love Home Depot even more now!


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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cabinet Door Redo

I found a stash of old cabinet doors in my attic, the previous owner left a few treasures you can read about here.  I have played around with drawer fronts and cabinet doors before and this single can of chalkboard paint has seen me through 6 years!  This project started with a major cleaning and painting.  I attached a napkin holder and the wooden top of a recipe box to create the bins on the bottom.  Then I added some hooks and old drawer hardware (reuse #3 for that piece of furniture).


Saturday, November 3, 2012

American Cut Out

When you look at this, you might think I printed an image, blew it up, traced it on plywood and then carefully cut this out with a jigsaw, right?  Wrong!  Scroll down to the before picture...

Mini spoon collectors might be hating me right now, but I'll take the "after" any day!  It just took some prying, sanding, hole filling, and an intentional bad paint job :)  I knew the instant I saw it in the thrift store how I wanted it to look and it worked!  
That is not always the case, lol!

I have a booth at an Antique and Gift store and I make lots of 
re-creations to sell there.  Sometimes I can't decide whether to sell or keep.  I plan to sell this, but if it doesn't move quick, I think I could find a home for it in the hallway upstairs!

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