Monday, November 26, 2012

My $7.50 wall

I've struggled with this long wall for a year and I finally found something I like and it was cheap.  The frame was only $5 and it called my name from across the room, ever had that happen?  The frames were $1 each and and the things in the frames were $0.50.  Yes, those kinds of things excite me!

The big mirror was a dresser mirror, but it had a "foot" on it that sat on the dresser and that made hanging it more difficult and detracted from its beautiful shape. So I removed it which was so much easier said than done.  I had to pry, grind some nails, fill some huge gaps with wood filler and touch up the stain where I "fixed" it.  It was worth it...I love the shape and I love that it was only $5.  If you are not impressed with my decor then maybe you are at least impressed with my ability to find cool things cheap! The mantle reflected in the mirror was just as cheap!!

These frames received the magic treatment of bead board wallpaper and gel stain!  

This is what I started with.  I sanded very little, the gel stain just worked magic!  I love gel stain! I wallpapered right over the ducks and painted the wallpaper.

I bought an odd assortment of these little coasters for $.50 and I loved the carved detail (I am a sucker for carved wood),  but not the orange wood so I painted them with glaze and it changed the color just like stain would.  I use this trick a lot for changing the wood tone of frames.

So what do you think, an improvement?

Thanks for reading!

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