Monday, December 3, 2012

$2 Advent Calendar and some great ideas

There is still time to throw together a quick and easy advent calendar and begin the countdown where we are now.  This is the first year we have used an advent calendar and the boys (ages 11, 8, and 4) are very excited about it.  I decided early on this would not be about getting stuff of any kind so with lots of ideas from great bloggers, I came up with a list of activities and fun things.

The countdown system itself is 2 packs of foam snowflakes from the dollar tree numbered with a sharpie and stuck to the wall with painter's tape.  Could it get any easier?  It could be prettier, but oh well.

Here is my list:

  1. Christmas Parade
  2. Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Little Theater
  3. Take Christmas Card Picture
  4. Santa Visit
  5. Send out Christmas Cards
  6. Unwrap #6 (special sweet treat)
  7. Let's Elf Ourselves
  8. Festive breakfast- rudolph pancakes- another pinterest idea
  9. Candle Light Dinner- we may be eating sandwiches but it will be by candlelight
  10. Light Seeing
  11. Unwrap #11 - our own Christmas cookie cutters, we'll make cookies
  12. Unwrap #12- one of our own card or board games to play that night
  13. Christmas Movie with popcorn
  14. Carriage Ride- this will be a big treat!
  15. Hand out candy canes and smiles
  16. Party with Vance- we have 2 December birthdays  :)
  17. Special Christmas After school snack- I like the banana and strawberry candy cane on pinterest but a package of Little Debbie Christmas trees would work too
  18. Let's JUST Dance for Mama's birthday- we have the Wii game and its great family fun
  19. Unwrap #19- Gourmet Hot Chocolate
  20. Unwrap #20- the ingredients to make Rolo Turtles- YUM
  21. Unwrap #21- New red and green playdough - I hope I can find this!
  22. Christmas Puzzle- the one we have
  23. Let's Decorate the Driveway for Christmas with Sidewalk Chalk
  24. Let's get Ready for Santa

Each snowflake also has a bible verse on to read that will tell the Christmas Story by the end.  Thanks to Life On a Hill for that great idea.  I also dearly loved what Made By Nicole did, but we don't have enough board games that fit our age ranges for this to work.