Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Christmas Decor

I did more and less Christmas decorating this year than ever before. How is that possible?  Well I got rid of the equivalent of one rubbermaid tote of decor I decided was just not going to work ever again.  I left at least one tote full of stuff in its storage spot, this will probably be what I get rid of next year.   I used lots of natural elements from my yard that can be tossed out.  It seemed easier, we'll see when it is time to pack it all up.

 The front porch is looking pretty festive!  I love it this year.  My mom found those lit packages after Christmas last year at a great deal.

One of my new purchases for Christmas decorating this year was this pine greenery and red berries.  These vases were displaced by the Christmas tree and looked naked empty.

A thrift store frame got painted and framed my wreath in the front entry.

The tree is mostly decorated by the kids, I do hang the heavy ornaments and try to spread the ornaments we have multiples of around faster than they can hang.  They seem to love to do it and I try to leave what they do.  The bottom of the tree is ornament heavy, ornaments are bunched together and the ends of some branches sag way down.  But we all love our tree, so many ornaments on there have our kids names on them.  We try to get them a new ornament every year and so does their grandmother.

I put a few Santas on candlesticks and used my big red star over the mirror and called it done.  

They bay window turned out nice.  These are some of my favorite Christmas pieces  and I think they will come back here next year.

I shared more Christmas decor with you here and here.  I hope everyone is enjoying the season.  I am making some gifts this year and starting this weekend, I hope they turn out, I've had my share of flops!

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