Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Favorite Things- Craft Supplies

First off, this is a list without tons of detail so feel free to ask away if you want to know more about any of these things!  These 12 products are in my work space and get used all the time when I am creating.

1.  Gorilla Glue- I love this stuff!!  I've used a lot of it!  

2.  Glazier Points- I put lots of things in frames and buy lots of frames with no backs and nothing to hold anything in.  I use a ton of these.  You push or hammer them in, very easy unless you have a crazy hard wood.

3.  Rustoleum Spray Paint- If I had to pick a favorite spray paint, this would be it.  Great coverage and Home Depot has a great color selection.

4.  Valspar Glaze- I bought a small container of this over a year ago and have used it on a zillion things, and I still have half a container left.  Its makes things look older, wood look darker, imperfections look better, and so on!  I just love it!

5.  5 in 1 tool- Its a great tool to have around!  A good scraper, paint can opener, paint roller cleaner, and all around handy dandy thing!

6.  Beadboard wallpaper-  I LOVE beadboard and I love this cheaper, easier copycat!  I have used this on the back of a book case, as the background of a photo collage frame, as the background of numerous other things in frames and soon I will use it on cabinet doors!  Its very easy to work with!

Beadboard Paintable Wallpaper

7. Minwax Gel Stain-  This is neat stuff that takes some experimenting, but I love that it will go right over paint to give an aged look and previously stained wood and make it looks perfect!!  

8.  Rustoleum Chalkboard paint- I prefer this over the chalkboard spray paint, 2 coats has always been enough for me and I've used it a lot.  This quart lasts a very long time, so if you have only one chalkboard project ask a friend to borrow theirs!

9.  Good craft brushes- Cheap foam brushes have their uses, but I can put twice as much paint or glue on with a good brush and that means less coats!!  When I say good brushes, I mean I bought a 3 pack for less than $7 and I have used them for over a year.  They wash out better than the cheap ones too!

Product Image

10.  Elmer's Wood Filler- If you have a hole of any kind to fill, this is your friend.  It sands very easily!  I've tried a few other kinds, this is my favorite.

Elmers Quart Interior/Exterior Carpenter Wood Filler

11.  Polycrylic- I use the satin finish of this and I love the look of the finished product!  Water clean up is a biggie for me.  

12. Orange Glo Cleaner - Yes, this may strange to be on a craft supply list, but this is the first thing I grab to remove price sticker residue and grease pencil pricing from thrift stores.  

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  1. We love gorilla glue and the orange glo cleaner, too! I'll have to check out some of these others!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I struggled with the other kind of list, so I went with what I know! I loved reading everyone's and think it was one the best ideas for a link party ever!! Thanks for hosting!

  3. what a great list! I love to craft and paint and change things in my house. Nice to meet you!

  4. Hi, I am here from Hometalk today..just clicked on your blog. These are such good basic ideas. Question:What is the difference in the valspar glaze and the minwax gel stain,as far as using them, how do you use them differently, or for the same effect? Do you use the glaze over paint to get the older look as you would the minwax gelstain? I dont understand....and I have a desk to work on. I also have almost a gallon of "teal"..can i make it into a chalk paint of some sort? It is latex satin. thanks!

    1. Hi Bernice! One big difference is the glaze is water based and the stain is not. The glaze has longer workability before it dries. The glaze also has a paint consistency whereas the gel stain is much thicker. I like the glaze for settling into cracks and crevices and making them look aged. If I wanted my whole piece to have a aged tint to it, then I would use the stain but I would experiment with it first. Ask me more question about this if you want, I'm not sure I answered your question :)
      And Yes you can make that gallon of paint chalk paint. I have not done this yet but I am painting a piece of furniture this month using homemade chalk paint. There are 2 basic recipes floating around and I am going to try the one using plaster of paris vs. non-sanded tile grout. I'll post my results when I get it all done and tell everyone if its something I would do again. Thanks for stopping by via Hometalk!! I love Hometalk!