Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paint it White!

 I am still surprised at what a coat of white paint can do for some things!  However, I don't paint everything white....

The details of the little hand carved cross pop with white paint!


I love these metal frames, I had already taken out the bad shiny floral fabric in the before picture.  I considered leaving them as they were, but white won me over!

I am not a gold mirror type gal, so I most likely will paint them all when I find them.  This was a 1970's medicine cabinet mirror, but I turned it into a wall mirror.

This little oak frame below was falling apart so I put it all back together and tightened it up and knew I couldn't leave it light oak :)

This frame was in my craft stash for a long time.  I knew it would look drastically different painted, but wow this was a huge improvement in my eyes!


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm not sure why I bought it....

Have you ever bought a treasure to redo and then wondered what you were thinking?  Maybe I am the only one around who even even pick up this dirty little piece.  

I removed the very thin cork, the bald eagle at the top and the rope molding.  I painted it and found on a new much thicker piece of cork and then I searched for those little pieces of rope molding to put back.  I searched everywhere!!  And this is what I think happened to them.  During the early fall my 2 large dogs discovered how to lean on the sliding screen door to the sunroom and open it,  In they came and chewed up projects all around.  UGH!!  The sunroom is my work area and I learned to always close the sliding door not just the screen.  Well guess what?  They got in again!!!! I do not know how and ate more things including a few finished projects!  I REALLY didn't like my dogs that day.  There were little pieces of wood everywhere and I think this rope molding was among the chewed....

So this project sat around for far too long... 

Finally I decided it didn't need the trim.  I adhered the cork with spray adhesive and I added that little metal piece where the bald eagle had been.  

It turned out cute, but whew, I'm determined to start and finish projects quicker and the dogs have not been eating any more of my treasures!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Latest chalkboard projects

I finally had time to work on a few projects and good thing because my booth needed some new things after the Christmas stuff was taken down.   Here are my latest chalkboard projects!

This was my first attempt using chalkboard paint straight on glass and it  took a few more coats than my usual method.  But I love the results on this old window!  Who would want to take out all that glass and replace it with wood?  NOT ME!!

 I found this wooden pig at a thrift store and I bought it thinking it would make a great handmade sign but I think making it a chalkboard was easier and more appealing.  

I don't why anyone would ever paint over a mirror with latex paint but this frame had a badly painted and scratched mirror in it, but the frame would a unique shape so I picked it up to add to my junk stash. 

A cousin saw my drawer front turned organizer I made here and she wanted one in a different color and she loved the idea of adding chalkboard to the center panel.  These are fun to make, I still have my stash of cabinet doors that will get a similar treatment.  Here is one.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

10 Treasures I kept from 2012!

I hit up lots of thrift and junk stores last year and as you know I redo and repurpose lots of it to sell via my facebook page and my booth at an antique store.  BUT here are 10 finds from last year that I kept and trust me there are far more than 10 I kept, this is just a start!

This cubby is perfect for my small items in the dining room that would never
be seen in a china cabinet.

I found this shelf in my attic!  Previously there was no cabinet above my fridge because the fridge would not fit unless we took it down.  This was a perfect fit and I love my pitcher collection up there!

This mirror was gold when I found it and I found it at a thrift store for a
few bucks.  Paint and glaze made me like it a lot and it was perfect in my dining room.

This mirror was found at a yard sale for $4 and it went up and has not come
down since. I did not know when I bought it that I would keep it.

Again I wasn't sure I would keep this when I bought it, but this long wall needed it
and the homemade art.
This was a large brass plate but once it was white , I knew it would be perfect for
my dining room, which I will show you in 2013!

My first chalkboard I ever made and I almost sold it until we finally finished the
guest bath and needed to fill the walls. I'm so glad I kept it.

I love this bottle collection in the upstairs bathroom. They were from an antique
store but a great deal!

The picture on the left is the house I grew up in taken long before I lived it in and the other two black and white pictures were found thrifting, one unframed.  I am trying to decide if I should add to this collection.  I may end up with too many frames in the stairway and upstairs hall.

I made this and I love it!!  I made it from thrift store junk and 
that makes it better!

This tiny little butterfly caught my attention even in an ugly frame. 
I love it in my kitchen.

Now let's see what kind of treasures I can find and keep in 2013!
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