Friday, January 11, 2013

Latest chalkboard projects

I finally had time to work on a few projects and good thing because my booth needed some new things after the Christmas stuff was taken down.   Here are my latest chalkboard projects!

This was my first attempt using chalkboard paint straight on glass and it  took a few more coats than my usual method.  But I love the results on this old window!  Who would want to take out all that glass and replace it with wood?  NOT ME!!

 I found this wooden pig at a thrift store and I bought it thinking it would make a great handmade sign but I think making it a chalkboard was easier and more appealing.  

I don't why anyone would ever paint over a mirror with latex paint but this frame had a badly painted and scratched mirror in it, but the frame would a unique shape so I picked it up to add to my junk stash. 

A cousin saw my drawer front turned organizer I made here and she wanted one in a different color and she loved the idea of adding chalkboard to the center panel.  These are fun to make, I still have my stash of cabinet doors that will get a similar treatment.  Here is one.

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