Thursday, February 7, 2013

My First Furniture Makeover with Homemade Chalk Paint

Reading all the buzz about chalk paint urged me to finally start and finish this furniture piece. I used the Plaster of Paris recipe and some white paint I had.  The only reason I tried chalk paint is because so many bloggers swear chalk paint is life changing and that sanding and priming is not needed when you use it.  I was game :)

I started with this, it had all the drawers, but I wasn't planning on using them.  Those drawers became 2 more projects, one here.

And this is what I ended up with!  An improvement for sure!!

This sits in my entry and I have a basket assigned to each kid where they can put their shoes.  Their backpacks fit nicely behind the closed doors and my entry is far less cluttered than it was with a bench there!  

I chose to finish it with a polycrylic type product, I will wish at some point that I had done more coats, but I was impatient.  I wanted to try my hand at waxing for the finish but I could not find clear wax in my town and I didn't want to delay this project any longer.  I did have bleed through in a small area or two, but since I was distressing it, I did not think it looked bad. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Any solution to the bleed through with white chalk paint?

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Fun with a Paisley Stamp

I bought a $0.99 paisley stamp from Hobby Lobby because I LOVE paisley.  I knew I could find something to stamp!  So far I've completed 2 projects that turned out great.  One sold quickly and the other one looks great in my booth at the antique mall.  

First I did this old drawer I found on the curb.  I sanded and scraped some of the white paint away to make it look more distressed rather than just a sorry paint job.  Then I stamped away with some black paint.  I think it would look great sitting on a desk or hung on the wall.

Then I stamped this plant stand I've moved around forever.  I stamped with white paint and then went over it with stain to make it look less white and to revive the finish on the plant stand.  

I'm sure I'll find more projects to use with my stamp and I bought a few different ones too!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

White Wall Plaque

I wanted to share this project from last year with you. 

I made this pretty white wall plaque.

And this is what I made it from -thrift store junk and 2 wood appliques.  The faded wood plaque became the base and I attached the plastic pieces in the bottom left of the picture below.  They were parts from curtain tie backs.  Ignore the gold framed cherub, I did not use that for this project.  But I bought 2 small wood appliques and glued those on too.  I added some paint and glaze and was pleased with the outcome.

Maybe this will inspire you to look at someone else's junk differently!

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