Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fun with a Paisley Stamp

I bought a $0.99 paisley stamp from Hobby Lobby because I LOVE paisley.  I knew I could find something to stamp!  So far I've completed 2 projects that turned out great.  One sold quickly and the other one looks great in my booth at the antique mall.  

First I did this old drawer I found on the curb.  I sanded and scraped some of the white paint away to make it look more distressed rather than just a sorry paint job.  Then I stamped away with some black paint.  I think it would look great sitting on a desk or hung on the wall.

Then I stamped this plant stand I've moved around forever.  I stamped with white paint and then went over it with stain to make it look less white and to revive the finish on the plant stand.  

I'm sure I'll find more projects to use with my stamp and I bought a few different ones too!

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  1. That is super cute.. I love the paisley stamp!

  2. May I ask what kind of stamp is it? I'm trying to use metal paint stamp on mirror and think that this will work well instead of stenciling. Thanks.