Sunday, February 3, 2013

White Wall Plaque

I wanted to share this project from last year with you. 

I made this pretty white wall plaque.

And this is what I made it from -thrift store junk and 2 wood appliques.  The faded wood plaque became the base and I attached the plastic pieces in the bottom left of the picture below.  They were parts from curtain tie backs.  Ignore the gold framed cherub, I did not use that for this project.  But I bought 2 small wood appliques and glued those on too.  I added some paint and glaze and was pleased with the outcome.

Maybe this will inspire you to look at someone else's junk differently!

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  1. This looks lovely :)
    I love projects that are nifty and thrifty! Good job done!


  2. Wow I love this. I'm a new follower from

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