Friday, March 22, 2013

Small Table with Oops Paint and Dark Wax

I picked up this little table at a thrift store, looking nothing like it does now.  You can see the before picture below.  I used a can of oops paint and mixed a small amount with Plaster or Paris to make my own chalk paint, EASY!  I then tried waxing a piece of furniture for the first time ever. I used a dark wax from Minwax and I loved the look when it settled into all the crevices.  I don't think waxing is easier than applying a coat of poly but it does give a different look and feels great!  I think I need more practice waxing!

  Here you can see how the dark wax settled nicely into some of the imperfections on the table.  I also lightly sanded the edges.

 I thinks its the prefect size for for a bedside table  
or it could fit anywhere!

Here is the "before" with the mismatched top.  It actually had a huge, heavy laminate counter top on it that made this little table entirely too ugly and top heavy.  So I replaced it with a board I already had from some old shelving.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Mantle

Do you know what I love most about this mantle?  Everything was thrifted! My hobby of collecting is paying off!

The hydrangeas were picked from my yard in early fall when they were already this color.  I just put them in a small amount of water and they dried like this.  I tried that same technique with the blooms in full summer color, but they did not last.  These dried blooms have lasted for 6 months and still look very pretty with purple and greens.

A pretty platter and 2 blue/green mini pitchers on the left.  Those mini pitchers cold be the start of a new collection, uh-oh!

On the right side of the mantle is a little piece of tin art I made from  thrift store junk and a wooden planter I found already painted like that for 40 cents!  And a milk glass vase with a live plant.  The mirror was a $4 yard sale special, but it needed to be put back together a bit and I peeled off all the flaking veneer.   It was well worth it.

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