Thursday, May 2, 2013

Three BIG chalkboards

I think every house needs a chalkboard...... and a dog.  I am doing my best to see to number one and I will direct you to your local animal shelter for number two!  These three chalkboards have all sold and made three happy customers!

This was one of those 1970's big old mirrors, it was not even real wood.  Compared to today's frames made out of that composite white material, I will take very sturdy 1970's plastic any day!   This stuff spray paints beautifully!  

This was a big gold frame with ugly cheap art, but it had great detail. I had to glue a few of the trim pieces back down, but check out the detail below once I glazed it.  I love the results!  

This red one was a wood dresser mirror and is very heavy.  Although you can't see it, I sanded the edges and used the same red spray paint I used in the top mirror.  

More big chalkboards in the works!

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  1. I have been wiring on a few chalkboards for my house, but I didn't find such cool frames. Your finds are awesome.