Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Updating Those Big Forks and Spoons from the 70s

I see these old forks and spoons all the time when I am out thrifting and I remember a big set of them in my grandmother's house!  Here are two ideas for ways you can update them.  First I found a smaller set and mounted them on burlap inside a thrift store frame.  I left them in their original finish and attached them to my burlap covered foam core with gorilla glue, you gotta love gorilla glue!

I found another larger set, believe or not, I did not find them in the same store on the same day!  These were quite gunky from years of kitchen grease, so I scrubbed away and knew I would do a distressed finish in case the paint didn't adhere well in places.  I love the color!

I'm fresh out of big forks and spoons but since both of these sold, I would pick up another set if I saw them cheap!

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  1. I put mine in an old drawer and hung it on the wall... I call it the 'silverware drawer'...:P
    I also have one that had Tiki faces carved in the handle. I spray painted it black and covered it the faces with jute string, then distressed the paint a little... I think it is my favorite. Though I like the whimsy they add to my kitchen.

    love these!