Monday, August 19, 2013

My FREE Big Lanterns

My house had these huge light fixtures on the porch, too big for the small porch in my opinion and they were not in good shape.  So when we took them down I kept them in my junk stash thinking I could reuse and remake it into something else.  I took it apart by finding screws and taking them out and cutting wires and pulling those out.  Those swirls you see became wings to my junky butterfly!  Nothing was wasted!

I eventually got to this and I loved it!  Big lanterns are what these big lights would become!  I cleaned them up and tried to decide on a finish.  I did not like the pitted cheap brass I was left with, but I did want to sand enough for a smooth spray paint finish either. Rub N Buff in Spanish Copper came to the rescue. 

You really just rub it in and buff it and you get this!  Very Easy!  The top part where the vent holes are did not cover as well, but that didn't bother me at all.  I was not striving for perfection.  

 The Spanish  Copper is my favorite, you have to try it!  

So now they sit atop the piano looking like expensive lanterns from Pottery Barn!  

 Thanks for stopping by!  I have more projects than time to photograph and post, but I try to post weekly so stick around if you want!

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