Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Market Ready #2

I am adding another display shelving piece to my booth this week so lots of stuff is heading that way.  I feel better about how little I blog when I see the amount of stuff I get ready to sell each week!  Feel free to ask questions, comment and Pin any of these images. 

Vintage Frame with Metal Mat

Vintage Sconce - I will paint if it doesn't sell like this

The vintage Hoda Sconces fit perfectly inside that great old frame!

Cute little Tin Front Shelf

Cubbies for your collections!

I love old suitcases! And you don't see the white ones often.

How about those plaid dishes!!

I will paint this if it doesn't sell as is.

One of my favorite scrap creations.

I love making these finials!

Carved wood makes me happy !

Thanks for stopping by!

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