Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spooky Porch 2013

I hope you spot a few ideas you can use! There are plenty of photos and some good tips!

My favorite new addition this year is my hanging witch hats.  I got them all at a thrift store so less than $3 for all.  I attached a safety pin to the top of the hat and used fishing line to hang them.  I used duct tape to attach the line to my porch.  
My skinny witch legs from last year!  These are made from pool noodles. I bought thicker noodles on summer clearance but  I didn't change them out yet. The signs are broom all came from Dollar Tree last year. I spray it with a clear coat so it would last a few seasons.

 Dollar store decor at its best!  

  I had the iron work up already and wrapped some very cheap skeletons with fake web and creepy cloth.

  Going on 3 years with this idea and I still love it- fishing line again to attach.

Another view of my hats.

 I am a huge fan of creepy cloth!  I've found it at Dollar stores in the past.   My spray painted snakes are just stuck in there.

 Fishing line again to hold the animals on the column and 
the rat on the rail.

My boys did this in a kid sized wheelbarrow.  

I don't think I ever posted 2012's porch but this is where I started.   Spooky inside decor is posting soon!  

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