Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 Days of Thrift Store Decor Day 6-10

Day 6- I found the middle cloche, the plates and the numbers all from thrift stores.  The other two "cloches" are from the Dollar Tree!  The large mirror is also from the thrift store.  The lanterns and the mirrors were all taken out of my house during a remodel and turned into what they are today.  This look was free or cheap!

Day 7- I loved the cabinet when I fist spotted it at a thrift store, I talked them down to $50.  I can tell it once had doors, but I don't care.  At least half the stuff on the shelves is also from a thrift store.  I have no more room for elephants and I have to keep telling my boys that or I would get tacky elephants for every gift giving occasion, lol!

Day 8- This is my oldest son's room and such a cheap idea.  Thrift store frames painted to match and free internet images!  The octopus is my favorite! I don't know whey it looks crooked in this picture!!

Day 9- This was missing a piece of veneer and the mirror but things like don't bother me but do help me get a good price, $4.00!  I just added some rusty wire to the back of this thrift store treasure and hung it in the hall.

Day 9 - I feel like I'm cheating when I show you a picture that only has one thrift store item in it, but hey this trunk is fabulous and oh so cheap!  It holds a hanging file system perfectly so this is my filing cabinet which for now sits in a dining room corner!

Check back for 5 more days next week!  You can see them daily on instagram @selingj or on  my facebook  page.

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